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The Basic Tips on Finding Office Cleaners in Perth

With the kind of busy lifestyles many of us are living, it has become so tough to do basic tasks such as cleaning your own office. As businessmen, you have a lot of clients to meet and employees to deal with not to mention the other tasks that leave no extra time to perform essential tasks like Southern Cross Cleaning.

Perth Business NewsNonetheless, there is no cause for worry as a number of companies run by dedicated office cleaners have developed to deliver the service and among those companies is the SouthernCrossCleaning. The only drawback comes in choosing between the best and the not so good services. There are some tips you can follow that can help in identifying the best service.

Before you choose your office cleaners in Perth, the first thing to do is to determine the kinds of areas you need to be cleaned.  Depending on the experts they have and the insurance limitations, office cleaners have a list of services they can deliver.

The other thing to consider is the cost of the service. Depending on many factors such as ownership and kinds of services offered, different office cleaners will charge at different rates.

If you want to get the right kind of cleaning company that is worth the money you are offering, you can ask a couple of friends about their experience with cleaning companies. Or, you can make some online searches and look at a company with a good reputation and excellent service. If you do not want to use harsh cleaning chemicals, you can find companies that use green cleaners.


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Choosing a home loan

Purchasing your own home is one of the things that most people grow up hoping to achieve one day. All of us want to have a property as an asset in our name. In addition to that, we all want to gift ourselves and our loved ones a well-deserved house where we can live and grow our own family.

perth finance news Home Loans

However, owning a home is not as easy as it sounds. It is a tremendous responsibility so no one should take it lightly. Hence, you need to do some research, evaluate your financial standing and consider other options (if needed) before making a decision. Or maybe, consider a home loan?

What is a home loan? Is it right for you? It is a type of loan provided by a bank, a mortgage company, or other financial institution for the purpose of buying a property for investment or residence. In a home loan, the owner of the property (the borrower) transfers the title to the lender on the condition that the title will be transferred back to the owner once the payment has been made and other terms of the mortgage have been met.

However, home loans come with pros and cons. Sure, this move has advantages as compared to buying a home. When you apply for a home loan, you have the freedom to budget and plan ahead. You become confident over your fixed loan period. Moreover, repayments don’t charge during the fixed rate term.

However, home loan is a long-term commitment. On average, the home loan usually lasts for 10-12 years. Over these years, the equated monthly instalment can impact your finances (considering the increasing inflation rate). Unless your salary increases, this can be difficult for many Western Australians. And if due to any unforeseen situations, you are not able to pay the monthly instalment, you will become a defaulter in the bank’s eyes.

So how do you choose a home loan? Read this:

Managing stress and anxiety

There are many reasons why starting your own business is a great idea – you don’t only become your own boss, but you also are able to set the direction where you want your business to be. However, running a business also comes along with stress. This is why learning stress management is crucial for small business owners.

perth news Business Stress

Small business owners should pay attention to learning how to manage stress. This is true because normally, you are sole proprietors or having just a few employees. This means that if you burn out, it can ultimately slow business progress or momentum.

When small business owners aren’t well, their businesses can’t be well. We also know that if all people cope poorly with stress, we tend to have worse physical and mental health outcomes overall, so business owner or not, this is an area that I feel should be a top priority for all of us.

We all should know how to reduce or at least control the level of stress to keep you sane. In addition, this will also keep your company healthy. This can be achieved if you know how to play off your strengths. It’s also good to take inventory of areas of comfort where we tend to have more engaged or active responses to stress (versus disengaged responses) and can inform our future attempts at other areas of stress management.

Then, you should identify your stressors. Stress usually comes from a problem you haven’t yet started to solve or are having trouble solving. So, the best way to identify stressors is to take a step back. Business owners are always in intense mindset all day long and it can really constrict a wider perspective you need to really pinpoint the areas that are causing you stress and how best to tackle them.


The Best Online Resources for Learning Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, almost everyone in Western Australia and the rest of the world is already tech-savvy and having social media presence is already crucial to every business. The internet, especially social media marketing, plays an important role in every business’ marketing strategy and it doesn’t matter if you are the owner of a small retail shop or the head of a big multi-dollar firm.

perth business news Social media

As an entrepreneur, it is important for you to understand and learn how to strategise your social media marketing in order for your business to fully reap the benefits of social media.

According to 2018 study conducted by Nielsen, a well-known market research group, an average human spends more than 11 hours per day on social media. It increased from 9 to 11 hours in just four years.

At the start, social media came off as a platform for personal expression and networking but that soon evolved to what it is nowadays – a small digital world for everyone and anyone to communicate whatever they want.

It is crucial to leverage it to build a strong profile and consequently drive sales – this is one of the big significance social media can provide to the business of all sizes. Apart from helping maintain a competitive edge, the benefits of social media for business include expanding marketing opportunities and connecting with a broader audience.

The advantages of social media marketing are immense and can help in building an affordable or virtually free and far-reaching strategy that acts as an effective medium between the company and customers, especially if your video becomes viral.

Apart from using social media as an advertising platform, it can also be used as a tool to view complaints and assure their customers that their problems will be dealt with.

Despite the many advantages, social media marketing is not so easy to learn. Some companies even hire experts to do the job for them. Fortunately, here are some online resources for learning social media marketing:

Slash your mortgage faster with these six simple strategies

Do you want to buy a home right now but don’t have enough money at the moment? If you’re in such a situation, it’s likely that you will need to borrow to fund it. Unfortunately, some people don’t know the first thing to do when getting a loan for your home.

perth finance news Home loan

As it is, buying a new house is already stressful and not knowing if you’ll get approved for a loan only heightens the anxiety.

What is a home loan? A home loan is financial assistance provided by a bank, private individual or financial institution to help you in purchasing and/or modifying your property. In simpler words, it is simply borrowing money to buy or renovate your home, but with interest for a specific period of time. Before this definition was enough to define the meaning of home loan but today the competition between banks and their services changed the meaning of home loan completely.

Today, home loans have a bigger scope and banks offer these loans even for small needs about your home. To understand this concept better, let us have a look at the different types of home loans available.

Home purchase loan is basic type of loan that is ideal for people who are looking to buy a house or a condo. This type of loan is offered by all banks. Most of the banks would usually offer about up to 70 or 80 per cent of the appraised value of the house or condo in the form of a loan.

On the other hand, a home improvement loan is a perfect solution if you own an ancestral house and want to renovate it but lack the fund. These are meant for persons like you only who already own a home but want to repair it.

Now that you’ve learned what home loan is, you should read this nice article to learn how to get out of your loan quickly:

I’ve worked from home for 9 years — and I’ve saved $30,500 on lunches, gas, business attire, and coffee

The internet has opened up a new range of possibilities for the way businesses and professionals can work and structure themselves. Nowadays, we can make money without riding any vehicle from the convenience of our own home.

perth news Steven John

However, there are two camps when it comes to working from home. One group usually thinks that you will just procrastinate if you work from home and get nothing done, and the other group believes you will be happier and more productive. Chances are, your answer greatly depends on how you personally fare when working from home.

The common office operates 40 hours a week, 8-hour daily schedule. However, most of us would agree that is truly better if we work at home rather than in an office setup where you have to travel a few minutes or maybe hours in order to get there. Regardless of where you are more productive or comfortable, we can all agree that working from home is more advantageous.

In major cities like Perth, working from home is a great advantage. You can save a lot of time travelling. In one month, you can save so many hours on commuting. Not to mention the hassle that you save from getting stuck in traffic.

Another benefit of working from home is flexibility. Basically, you can start whenever you want. You can choose to work whenever you want. This way, you will get to spend more time with family and friends doing the activities that matter most to you.

There is also no politics when you work from home. Rivalry always happens between co-workers, and if the politics of the office get involved, this becomes a toxic environment. However, when you are working from home, there is only one person with whom you have to compete on a daily basis; there are no annoying co-workers around.

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Prepare for business

In Australia, there are more than 2.3 million small businesses actively trading in the country (as of June 2018) and the number continues to increase.

perth business Business Preparation

More and more Australians decide to enter the entrepreneurship world, considering some of the most popular reasons to start a business, including having a unique business idea, designing a career that has the flexibility to grow with you, working toward financial independence, and investing in yourself — it’s no wonder that small businesses are everywhere.

But sadly, not every small business is positioned for growth and success. In fact, according to statistics, only about 65% of businesses with employees survive at least two years, and about 50% survive five years.

So you may be a type of person who loves challenges and decides to quit your regular job and finally become an entrepreneur. However, when starting your business can set the foundation for success, you have to keep in mind that the stage is often set in the beginning, so making sure you follow all of the necessary steps.

The first thing aspiring small business owners should do is to identify a business idea. Once you have done that, it’s time to balance it with a little reality. Does your idea have the potential to succeed? You will need to run your business idea through a validation process before you go any further.

Successful small businesses have the capability to fulfil the needs of their customers. They know how to solve their customers’ problems and offer something that the market wants constantly. There are a number of ways you can identify this need, including research, focus groups, and even trial and error.

Starting a business is never an easy task so you really need to be prepared financially, physically, emotionally and psychologically if you want to be successful. For more on starting a new business, click this link:

Online shopping is convenient but nothing beats bricks and mortar stores

We are living in a technology era. As a result, almost everything can be accessed and acquired even if you’re just lying comfortably in your couch by just a few clicks. We can now have easy and fast access to information, entertainment and even products and services.

perth finance news Online shopping

Over the past several years, more buyers have increasingly turned to online shopping. These days, more than ever before in the history of the Internet, people are buying a plethora of items and services online. People complete a wide array of transactions on the internet. And for good reasons, there are numerous benefits associated with this innovative type of shopping.

Online shopping provides convenience. As opposed to brick and mortar stores, this is by far the most notable benefit of purchasing products or services on the Internet. In a simpler statement, online shops grant you access to their products and services at any time of the day or of the night – you can place an order on a 24/7 basis, regardless of your location in the world.

Online shopping is ideal for those who have very little time at their disposal and who simply cannot afford the luxury of spending hours at the mall. No matter if you have a tiresome working schedule, online shopping will certainly come to the rescue even if you are a busy mom with kids at home or you are simply home-bound and you cannot go shop in a traditional brick and mortar shop.

Another advantage online shopping can give its shoppers is discretion. If you are trying to buy a very personal or intimate object, online shopping is perfect. It can be very difficult to shop discreetly in some physical stores, but not when you shop online.

Online shopping is truly a great advantage to many of us. But according to an article posted by The West, it can never beat bricks and mortars stores. Here’s why:

Scammers attack small businesses and self-employed with fresh tricks

Today, it is unsmart to believe that the internet is a safe place because it is where you can fall for all types of online scam. Hence, it is always a good reminder to do a reality check. Businesses, as well as private individuals, become an easy target for malicious actors who want to steal your most valuable personal information or even your assets.

perth news Online Scam

Criminal minds are always looking for new ways to reach into our private lives, our homes and work offices. Nowadays, they use attack tactics and tools varying from traditional attack vectors, which use malicious software and vulnerabilities present in almost all the programs and apps to ingenious phishing scams deployed from unexpected regions of the world. They are sophisticated in which the authorities can’t easily reach out to catch the eventual perpetrators.

According to certain reports, phishing email scams is the most popular form of security incidents. Scammers start with sending phishing emails or malicious attachments sent to their target victims. Phishing scams continue to evolve and be a significant online threat for both users and companies that could see their valuable data in the hands of malicious actors.

In most cases, scammers create a sense of urgency in order for them to achieve their goal. The criminals will tell you a story that is frightening of how your bank account is under threat and how you really need to access as soon as possible a site where you must insert your credentials in order to confirm your identity or your account.

Another popular form of online scam is the bank loan and credit card scam. In this form of scam, the victims are offered with offers that are too good to be true. They offer large amounts of money and have already been pre-approved by the bank.

There are many other forms of online scam. For more details, read this:

ASIC | Debt Management

In our society today, debt is part of life. It can help us buy a house, car, and start or expand our business, or even send our children to school. However, you need to know how to properly manage your debt so that you can improve your life and get things accomplished.

perth finance news Debt-free

On the other hand, mismanaging your debt can lead to big trouble and hinder your progress rather than move you forward. So if you are planning to borrow some money from a family, friend, bank or any financial institution, you should know how to properly manage debts.

Getting in debt can happen to anyone. Normally, business owners and private individuals owe money from someone or from an organisation to support their financial obligation. Regardless of your reason why you borrow a certain amount of money, debt management should be a part of your money management strategy.

Having a well-planned debt management plan helps you prepare yourself for a debt-free future. Getting in debt especially when owing large amount of money is a real pain and stressful, so it is important to plan ahead, inform yourself actively using household budget, disciplined spending, only borrowing when it makes sense to borrow, and setting yourself up to successfully deal with bumps in the road you’ll be in a great position to avoid money worries and stress.

The best way to get out of debt is not to be in debt (of course that’s as much as possible). One of the simplest yet most effective ways to be debt-free is by spending less than you planned to spend. If you want something, don’t purchase it unless you have the money. If you can be satisfied with less than you would ideally want, even temporarily, you can use the money you save to pay down your debt.

For more on debt management, check this interesting article:

These are the 4 crucial steps of a successful start up

What’s a business startup? What makes a startup successful? A business startup is a company that at its first stages of developing a product or service which their business founders believe will be in demand. It is also otherwise known as a startup company or simply, a startup.

perth news Launching a startup

Start-ups are usually financed by its founders. But in the longer run, it will require additional financing from investors and venture capitalist since this kind of funding will not be sustainable.

Start-up companies have been around in all types of business from all corners of the globe. But during the advent and popularity of the World Wide Web in the 1990s, the many so-called internet start-ups have risen. Many of these Internet start-ups eventually failed mainly due to the lack of sustainable revenue or major flaws in their underlying business plans. Some of these Internet start-ups, however, did survive even after www burst.

Once a business has undergone various developments, such as being publicly traded, or being merged or acquired by a larger corporation and ceasing to be an independent entity, it ceases being a startup. Or in an unfortunate turn of events, start-ups may fail and stops operating altogether.

If you plan to launch a startup, you first need to have a plan. You should right down your business ideas together with your goals and the actions you need to do in order to achieve those goals. Once you’ve done that, the next step for you is being honest with your skill set. Ask yourself if you have the necessary skills, initiative, determination as well as the mental and physical energy needed to start a business.

Then, the next step for you is to get the right timing. Remember that in start-ups, timing is everything. You need to have careful calculation to know when the perfect time to launch is.

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