Perth, Western Australia

Managing stress and anxiety

There are many reasons why starting your own business is a great idea – you don’t only become your own boss, but you also are able to set the direction where you want your business to be. However, running a business also comes along with stress. This is why learning stress management is crucial for small business owners.

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Small business owners should pay attention to learning how to manage stress. This is true because normally, you are sole proprietors or having just a few employees. This means that if you burn out, it can ultimately slow business progress or momentum.

When small business owners aren’t well, their businesses can’t be well. We also know that if all people cope poorly with stress, we tend to have worse physical and mental health outcomes overall, so business owner or not, this is an area that I feel should be a top priority for all of us.

We all should know how to reduce or at least control the level of stress to keep you sane. In addition, this will also keep your company healthy. This can be achieved if you know how to play off your strengths. It’s also good to take inventory of areas of comfort where we tend to have more engaged or active responses to stress (versus disengaged responses) and can inform our future attempts at other areas of stress management.

Then, you should identify your stressors. Stress usually comes from a problem you haven’t yet started to solve or are having trouble solving. So, the best way to identify stressors is to take a step back. Business owners are always in intense mindset all day long and it can really constrict a wider perspective you need to really pinpoint the areas that are causing you stress and how best to tackle them.