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21 ways to ‘corporate up’ your home office

Indeed, one of the biggest advantages of internet technology is allowing us to work remotely even without the traditional office setups. Nowadays, more and more people work at the convenience of their homes, having the flexibility of working while at the same time taking care of their kids and family.

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There are a number of reasons why people prefer working at home than in offices. Improved productivity as a result of work interrupted heads to top of the list. Of course, there’s work-life balance, there is reduced, lower stress, greater well-being and more.

As you decide to work from home, the importance of having a well-organised, well-planned and well-designed office cannot be underestimated. Having an organised home office space that is clutter-free integrated into your interior design can vastly impact your productivity, stress levels and overall well-being. Here is a practical guide to designing your perfect in-home office space

If you want to have a perfect home office, you first need to choose the right location. It is important to consider the level of distraction you may be facing in the future. Stay away from televisions, children, telephones, and pets as they can all come as unexpected distractions to your productivity. Choose a space with minimal traffic, minimal use, and minimal access to distractions.

When creating a home office, or any type of office, you need to get good illumination. Give yourself plenty of light when working. Sure, natural light is preferred, but the daylight hours are limited. So, make sure that your office space provides ample, bright light with a good hue. Don’t forget to choose a bulb that offers light in a spectrum that works for you.

In building a home office, you should invest as much as is comfortable for your budget. It cannot be said enough how important to mental well-being, productivity, and mood it is to have a working environment that is comfortable.

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Understanding commercial leases

When starting your new small business, you probably already know the certain things that are essential for you to get started – you need to have a smart business idea, a vision, the right capitalisation, your employees, market research, business plan, etc. But one important that is often overlooked by soon-to-be entrepreneurs is their business location and premise.

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Choosing the right location for your business premise can be a great factor in determining the success or failure of your business. A good location is important, but choosing the right one can be something of a balancing act. Of course, the business premise should not be too expensive, but ideally the location should be convenient for your employees, suppliers and more importantly to your customers. You should weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of location when deciding on a business property.

Depending on the type and nature of business you are running, the first factor to consider when choosing your location is the volume of passing trade. You also need to consider the number of competitors in the location. With the exceptions of business like the real estate which can benefit from being located in a cluster of similar businesses, for many others having too many close competitors can have a severe impact on sales and profitability.

Another factor to put into consideration when choosing your business premise is good transportation. Having good public transport links and local parking facilities make it easier for employees and customers who don’t live within walking distance.

Once you have decided what type of premise your business’ need, the next step for you is to decide whether you will buy or lease your premise. For most business, especially here in Perth, they opt leasing. There are many advantages of leasing, but there are also some disadvantages.

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“No question”: Franchises are more successful than other small businesses, says Boost Juice founder Janine Allis

Do you want to set up a business without starting from scratch? If you do, buying a franchise can be your quick way. However, it is important to evaluate the value and benefits franchising can have for your business when making the decision of whether or not to franchising a business.

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When talking about the idea of franchising, people normally think about restaurants, fast foods, or retail shops from one area of the state to another. While this is a common impression, franchising is simply a method for expanding a business and distributing goods and services through a licensing relationship.

A franchise is specifically an arrangement where one party (which is the franchiser) grants another party (which is the franchisee) the right to use its trademark or trade-name, as well as certain business systems and processes.

The franchisee is also granted the right to produce and market a good or service according to certain specifications. Franchising is a business strategy that has many benefits.

The first benefit of franchising is that the business’ risk is reduced because it is based on a proven format. Due to this, franchises have a higher rate of success than start-up businesses. Franchises usually have an established reputation and image, proven management and work practices, access to national advertising, and ongoing support.

Arguably the biggest advantage of buying a franchise is brand recognition. You benefit from any advertising or promotion by the franchisor. Owning a franchise instead of starting up a new business saves you the time and effort of building a reputation and attracting customers. The branding of a franchise can serve as an advantage before and after you invest whether it’s on the local level, international level or somewhere in between.

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Credit Repair | ASIC’s Money Smart

Many of us here in Western Australia are living with bad credit and it’s tough and it is difficult. If you got a bad credit score, many things become tough and more expensive. For instance, if you got an insurance policy, your company is more likely to charge you with higher interest rates due to your bad credit score.

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Creating and maintaining solid credit history takes time so building good credit won’t happen overnight. You’ll also need to accept the fact that it’s going to take some hard work and patience as well for credit repair.

The first step to fixing your credit score is to fix your credit. Get your credit reports and scores from each of the banks or financial institutions so that you can gauge where you’re at and determine what parts of your score need some work. You should get your credit reports from each of the major credit reporting agencies, as each may contain different information that could impact your scores.

Now that you’ve already found the problems (whether they are errors or areas you need to focus on you may find yourself wanting results quickly), keep in mind that these revisions can’t be fixed overnight.

To rebuild your credit, you need to pinpoint the things that kill your credit. If you have been receiving letters that detail your credit problems, you have some idea of what’s holding you back. Even though it may seem complex, your credit score is based on five core factors. These factors include payment history, credit utilisation, the age of credit accounts, mix of credit accounts and history of applying for credit.

If you have errors on your credit report, start the dispute process as soon as possible. You can repair your credit your own or you may also hire a professional credit repair company to help you fix your credit.

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The Basic Tips on Finding Office Cleaners in Perth

Unemployment rate rises to 5.6 percent

Many countries around the world are struggling with their unemployment rates going high. This also includes Australia and more specifically The City of Perth. With that, governments are looking for ways to generate as much job opportunities as possible to help their unemployed citizens to land a job. Most governments, especially developing countries, look for ways to attract foreign investors so that they can generate more jobs and reduce unemployment in their country.

What is unemployment? It is a situation in which individuals who belong in the working-age (willing and are able to work) are unable to land a job or find paid employment. In other words, unemployment refers to a situation in which people who are capable of working and who are qualified by age to work cannot find employment, often referred to as being “out of work”, or unemployed… In economics, unemployment refers to the condition and extent of joblessness within an economy.

Unemployment is measured in terms of the unemployment rate, which is the number of unemployed workers divided by the total civilian labour force. Hence, unemployment is the condition of not having a job.

Unfortunately, unemployment levels are increasing dramatically in many parts of the World. Even in Australia, we are also experiencing an increasing rate of unemployment recently. There are several causes behind this increasing rate. But the main reason for the high level of unemployment is dramatically increasing matched with technological progress.

Advanced machinery and equipment are one of the biggest factors why the unemployment level rises. With this technology, far less working hours are needed to produced= all the goods that are required, hence there will be less demand for labour. This can lead more to the raise of unemployment ratio. On the other hand, traditionalism, ignorance and overpopulation etc are some other major cause that led to the rise of unemployment.

In Australia, the unemployment level has risen to 5.6 %, the highest level it has been since July last year. Read the whole story from

Solve customer complaints

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Customer complaints are normally what business owners hate and avoid in their business. However, what business owners don’t realise is that customer complaints can bring benefits to your business. It may be the most overlooked, but encouraging your customers to complain about is actually a good way to build your brand! Knowing how to handle customer complaints is also a part of your business innovation process.

Well, it sounds counter-intuitive, but the best brands recognise they not only want but need their customers to complain. It’s the primary means of finding out how to make your services or products better. Moreover, that’s what will strengthen your brand equity in the marketplace and ultimately grow your business.

There are a number of ways your business can leverage from customer complaints. Make it as easy as possible for your customers to complain by making sure that all possible complaint platforms such as letter, via the website, etc are available. Think about all the possible ways your customers might want to complain about.

Secondly, place an online complaint or ‘contact’ form on your website, and make it easy for customers to find it in your navigation structure. If they have to search for how to complain, you’ve just created yet another complaint!

Then, designate someone to track incoming complaints and watch for trends. This is how you know what needs to change to take better care of your customers and avoid damaging your brand.

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How to Pick the Right Team for Your Startup

How to Pick the Right Team for Your Startup

Starting a small business can be one of the most challenging and most exciting stages to your life. The common requirements needed to start a business include capital, know-how, your targeted market, and equipment to use. But one factor that is often overlooked yet very important is the employee recruitment process.

Every business owner will need someone or a number of individuals to help him or her run the business. Hence, the entrepreneur needs to learn recruitment strategies to help you locate talented, skilled employees who go on to your success once the hiring process is done.

When hiring employees for your startup, you need to be organised. To do that, you need to plan. Review your open position to update areas of responsibility and desired background qualifications.

Secondly, give your candidates a clear picture of what your company is all about – tell them about your products, services, mission, vision, and goals. You need to include the skill sets you need for the position or positions you are hiring. Also, explain to them the opportunities they can get from you for becoming part of your team.

Once you have done all these, the next step is to review your candidates’ resumes. Then, identify a small pool of interviewees who range from slightly under-qualified applicants to more highly experienced professionals.

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The Basic Tips on Finding Office Cleaners in Perth

Simple Ways To Supercharge Your Creativity

Whether you’re a retailer or a service provider, creativity plays a role in your work and business’ growth. Graphic artists and furniture manufacturers need creativity for obvious reasons. They need to come up with creative designs and find perfect colour combinations that will ring true for customers.

The same can be true for the seller of goods. When you are selling something, you need to think of an effective strategy. You need to have creative marketing strategies so that your words about your product will rise above the noise. Otherwise, customers will go away to other shops.

Luckily, creativity is something you can learn and develop. It is an integral part of your business innovation. There are some techniques you can learn so that you can follow to boost your creativity. Creative thinking can work wonders to the human mind and activities. Business owners and managers have been looking out for various methods and measures to boost creativity. Experts believe that creative thinking is directly related to the energy level of the human brain.

Since business owners are bombarded with numerous experiences and information every day, it is best to keep a journal of those. You can use all of them as your inspiration for a new product, service enhancement, etc.

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Small Business Innovation

In business and in life, problems always exist. The most commonly accepted method of solving problems is simply to remove the cause. But this method is not always as simple as it would seem. You need to determine the true cause of a problem and it can be a very complicated affair and even if you get this correctly – removing the cause can just as easily create a whole new set of problems. Viewed from a business perspective, there are some ways to make problems solve themselves.

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In business, problem-solving is all about turning advantages into disadvantages which are accomplished by finding innovative ways of viewing issues from a new point of view. What it takes is a simple shift in perception to reveal a whole new range of possibilities as seen from a new frame of reference.

Innovation has a great value to problem-solving in business. Business innovation is also commonly associated with the research and development activities involved in designing new products and services and finding innovative ways of bringing them to market.

Every business in Perth that invests in innovation throughout the entire company provides all the nutrients needed to sustain new growth, and removes any obstacles that impede new growth, will surely thrive and reap a bountiful harvest.


Avoid Costly Perth Coolroom Refrigeration Mechanics

Commercial refrigeration appliances such as fridge, freezer, chillers, and coolrooms are probably the hardest working among all the modern-day appliances you rely upon your commercial place. Unlike any other appliance, say, the dishwasher, commercial coolrooms do not just get turned on once in a while and put through a cycle or two. They operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to protect and preserve your food.

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Today, many countries have been experiencing an economic downturn. So, considering the cost of food products that have to be stored inside your refrigerator, as well as the cost of coolroom refrigeration mechanics, keeping your appliance clean and well maintained is extremely important. This will keep this commercial workhorse to run smoothly.

However, there are some scenarios that faulty appliances are really unavoidable. There are some cases wherein the issue is too serious that it requires the service of a professional refrigerator mechanic. This time, you will need to find a reputable refrigeration service company and others to help you out.

Keeping the coolroom clean is essential. Keep in mind that it is not enough to wipe up the spills and clean out old food to prevent any lingering odours or mould from developing. At least once a year, you need to give your refrigerator a thorough inspection and cleaning, inside and out, to remove any accumulated dust and dirt build-up.

When you follow these simple guidelines for refrigerator maintenance and cleaning, caring for the hardest working appliance in your house can be easy.


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