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Winter-Proof your Home

Keeping your house protected from damage is as important as ever, especially with the rising cost of basic commodities in this dragging economy. The winter season can damage your house due to harsh weather so winter-proofing your home is virtually a must.

perth news Winter-proofing your home

Winter-proofing your home can not only protect you and your family from incidents caused by harsh weather, but it can also protect your pocket from repairs and replacements of some areas of your house.

To properly winter-proof your home, you should start from the exterior. First, you should check your roof. Check if there is heavy pile of snow and remove it because its weight can cause trouble. Any damaged area can also be an easy way for water to slowly seep into your home causing water damage, mildew, mould, and other problems.

The gutters are also another important area to check. Make sure that they are clean by removing debris and repair any problem areas. To avoid dirt from clogging your gutters, you may install gutter covers to have them clean.

Apart from the exterior, you should also do something from the inside to fully winter-proof your home. Do you have your windows in plastic wrapping or do you think they are unattractive or to unconventional for you? Well, consider purchasing insulated curtains. These can protect your home from drafts while remaining stylish and unobtrusive. If a warm day comes along, they are much easier to open to allow fresh air in to your home as well.

If you have heating systems, make sure to keep them clean. If you don’t know how to properly clean your heating systems, have an expert heating specialist to do the job for you. He will prevent your heater from potential fires and clogs.

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